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Cargo insurance
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The following cargoes can be insured:
Cargoes transported by all means of transport in all directions to any point on the terrestrial globe.

Insurance events in case of which the insurance is effected

  • Damage or full ruin of the whole cargo or a part of it that happened for any cause.
  • Loss of the whole cargo or a part of it as a result of theft, banditry, brigandage.
  • Loss of the whole cargo as a result of missing of the transport means.

Insurance variants

  • With liability for "All risks".
  • With liability for "Particular accident"
  • Without liability for damages"

Cargo can be insured for the period of its transportation "from door to door", including transportation, transshipment, temporal storage at the storehouses and terminals and also for any part of the transport process at Insurer's will.
Not only the cost of the transported property but also expenses on transportation and the expected increase of the cost can be included in the cargo insurance cost according to the international norms. The insurance can be done in Russian rubles or foreign currency in accordance with the valid legislation of the Russian Federation.
For export-import cargoes the insurance contract can be concluded regarded the insurance terms of the Institute of London Assurers (ICC, 1982) accepted in the world practice. If needed the insurance documents are drawn up in the English language.

Insurance period
The insurance period is established under the agreement of the parties from the real time of transportation.
The agreement of cargo insurance can be concluded in the form of a Policy of cargoes insurance for non-repeat transportation or a General policy in case of systematic transportations.

Insurance premium
The payment of the insurance premium can be made as follows:

  • At a time;
  • Deferred payment in the periods agreed-upon under the insurance contract.

Payment of insurance money
The amount of the insurance money is defined with regard to expenses and fees on the general accident, expenses on definition and decrease of the rate of losses.
The rate of damage in case of insurance event is defined on the ground of experts' conclusion. Examination, as a rule, is conducted by independent experts - representatives of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on the territory of Russia, and also by surveyors - agents of Lloyd's Institute of London Assurers, in Russia as well as at any point in the world.
The payment of the insurance money is made with respect to the deductible if it is provided by the insurance contract.

Tariffs Insurance tariffs make 0,05% - 0,45% from the insurance sum and are established individually regarding the extent of the liability, cargo type, route and distance of the transportation, transport type and other factors connected with transportation terms.
For permanent clients we provide reduction of tariffs in case of increase of the number of insured transportation.

The safety of the insurance protection is based on the experience of the specialists and reserves of the company as well as on reinsurance of the taken risks in the chief Russian and foreign insurance and reinsurance companies.

Extra services
For the insurance contract conclusion and also within the validity period the information about the cargo and transportation terms may be handed over to the Insurer via fax of e-mail.


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