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Karelian Transport Company has been working on the railage market since the year of 2000. We execute complex transport-dispatch service for our clients in Inter-Russian and export-import transportation directions.

Today we offer the following services to our permanent clients:

  • working out and introduction of technologically and economically rational schemes of cargo transportation on the basis of clients' applications regarding transportation logistics;
  • calculation of railway tariffs and costs of intermodal transportation;
  • filling in the aplication form for cargo transportation;
  • making out of loading schemes of large-capacity and outsize cargoes;
  • filling in payment telegrams in the management of Oktyabskaya, Northern, Moscow, Gorkov railways;
  • provision with transportation pay on the territory of Baltic countries;
  • monitoring the cargo movement on the whole route;
  • preparation of covered carriages in the commercial relation;
  • provision with rolling stock.
At the present time the workers of the company execute operative management of their own rolling-stock in the number of 200 units (timber-carrying platforms, open wagons).

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